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Sense of Something - Chapter 1 :iconeffeffia:Effeffia 0 0
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Ambrose and the Wing Stealer Chapter 1
Ambrose snapped back to reality very quickly after his grandmother called him out. “Yes,” he forced nervously. “Yes, Katherine Gran.”
“Oh?” Katherine Gran inquired. “All righty then. What did I just say?”
Ambrose began fumbling for the answers. He had picked up a few things. “W-Well, the royals . . . I-If they join, it's said they will become one, be-become a beast! A-A-And, um, n-nobody knows what the beast looks like b-but th-there are sketches, a-a-and . . . “ The words became choked in his throat. He had an idea of what he wanted to say, but he did not know enough to get it out.
Katherine Gran sighed. “Ambrose, this is important! While I may find some of it to be rubbish, it's the theorized history, the lore of our people! We cannot just let go of these stories.”
Ambrose felt the words caught in his throat decay, rotting and turning into a cocktail of guilt and shame. He had a tendency to become very upset when
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Ambrose and the Wing Stealer Introduction
A beast would be born if the royals joined together, or so it had been said. I'm honestly not too sure on that tale, what would they have to do? Join hands and sing a song? And what kind of beast? There have been sketches but nobody is entirely sure. The inhabitants here are so diverse; no two groups look exactly alike. Some have wings, some have horns, some have tails, some have claws, some have enormous teeth, some have hair all over their bodies, some even have animal heads, ah, what a beast could be made of those! How did we even come to be? Did the beast destroy itself to create us or did humans and animals just become too close? We'll never know, but it is a wonder to think – Ambrose, my dear, are you even paying attention?
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Here is the Journal o my main account. So yes, this is legit.

Also I have some good ideas for stories. If I only could actually get around to doing it! :XD:


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Effeffia Zachary Gonalick
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United States
VampireQueenEffeffia is my main account. This account is explicitly for stories, preferably original; fan fiction (please don't read mine) is on said main account. I also will most likely refrain from having anything personal, even "What a great day!!!" here, unless it is some kind of update (such as "I finished reading This").

I am young, but I desperately wish to have a book published as soon as possible. As a result, I have set up this (and other accounts that I shall name later) to help broaden my horizon and hopefully can find some help. Additionally, I will hopefully be able to contact and communicate with members of any fanbase more easily. I appreciate feedback, just as long as it is appropriate!

If you are going to comment, especially in one of my folders, please be sure it is appropriate to the subject at hand. Opinions expressed by my characters may not be my personal opinions! Additionally, make sure your comment makes sense. Comments saying "This is terrible because I hate fantasy!" or "This fantasy story could not happen in real life!" will be hidden promptly. A more appropriate comment would be, "I dislike fantasy, so I'm not getting into This Story" or "This is stretching the boundaries, even for a fantasy." And if you spot any continuity errors, please let me know! I also appreciate constructive criticism! Thanks!


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I almost deleted this. LOL... I am going through and deleting those that aren't watching me, and I thought, hey wait, that is Effie!! Ooops.. :-)